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This serves as notification to the public on the licence status of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers, insurance agents, motor assessors, loss adjusters, risk surveyors and claims agents under the jurisdiction of the Pensions and Insurance Authority for 2022.


We wish to WARN the public that it is illegal to establish or operate or manage an insurance entity such as those listed below or to engage in or transact in insurance business without a valid licence issued by the Registrar of Pensions and Insurance as doing so, contravenes sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Insurance Act No. 27 of 1997 (as amended by Act No. 26 of 2005).   Furthermore, it is illegal under section 120 to insure any assets, liabilities and interests situated in the Republic of Zambia with unlicensed insurers.


Members of the public are advised to report any persons that appear to be operating in contravention of the provisions of the above quoted sections of the Insurance Act No. 27 of 1997 to the Registrar of Pensions and Insurance at the above address.


The lists below shows insurance entities that have been registered and licensed to transact in insurances business during the current year ending 31st December 2022.

LicensedInsuranceEntities May 3, 2022
LicensedInsuranceEntities April 8, 2021
LicensedInsuranceEntities May 20, 2020
LicensedInsuranceEntities May 9, 2019