Welcome to the PIA

The Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA) is the regulator of the pensions and insurance industry in Zambia. It was established as a body corporate following the amendments to the Pension Scheme Regulation Act No. 28 of 1996 as amended by Act No. 27 of 2005.

Regulation & Supervision

The Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA) regulates and supervises pensions schemes, pensions and insurance service providers through a combination of off-site analysis and on-site inspections. The supervisory process comprises the following: Formulation and Review of laws and Regulations.

Complaints Procedure

The Pensions and Insurance Authority receives and handles complaints lodged against entities registered by the Authority. The Authority’s role and powers are vested in the Insurance Act No 27 of 1997.

The Authority has experienced and well qualified staff, who competently handles complaints.

Consumer Awareness Tips
  • When selecting a pensions annuity, always opt for one that takes inflation into consideration and increases in value overtime. The initial payout may be lesser than a flat annuity but the former will eventually increase while the later remains constant.