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This serves as notification to the public on the registration and licence status of pension schemes, pension fund managers, pension scheme administrators, reinsurance companies, insurance companies, insurance brokers, insurance agencies, motor assessors, loss adjusters and claims agents under the

Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary, Mr Mukuli Chikuba has called on Zambians to use insurance as a risk management tool.

The Government of Zambia launched on 8th November launched the National Financial Inclusion Strategyas well as its Financial Sector Development Policy, and Financial Capability Survey Report with support from the World Bank Group.

Zambia will next year host the 14th International Microinsurance Conference in Lusaka. This was announced during the 3th International Microinsurance Conference that took place in Peru from 7th-9th November 2017.

The Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA) has embarked on pensions sensitisation programmes countrywide. The programmes are aimed at raising the importance of saving for retirement through a pension.

The functions of the Authority vests in the Board which is appointed by the Minister of Finance in accordance with the provisions of Act.  The Board comprises 9 members that are nominated from various institutions identified in the Amendment Act.

Insurance Week, 2017

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